Invincible castle. Really?

This is a well known mystery.  A certain potion of Shogi beginners end up with this castling.  It seems as if they come up to this with their own idea,, but it is not the first time in Shogi history this castling was played.  There is even a name for this formation.  It is called "Invincible castling. (無敵囲い)
I bet you it is not!  There are many sins or no-no’s  this "castlng" commited.
  • Rook and King sit closely to each other.
  • King is sitting at its original place.
  • Bishop’s head is unprotected.
My advice is simply "don’t do this."  You will not get any mileage out of it.  It will only make your opponent "invincible"
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