Translation sites

My friend,  who does not speak Japanese said these two sites help decyphering Japanese text on the WEB.
These are the 2 sites that I use: – this site does not run as quickly and requires smaller fragments of the text to be able to translate, but I find it gives a better translation of what is being said. – this site will translate large sections of text but seems to give less accurate translations.

 Having said that, Japanese text on Shogi-sites tend to use Shogi-terms that may not correctly translate on these service anyway.  However those terms are limited in number and I try to mention those in both English and Japanese on my site (ie.,  edge pawn or  hashi-fu (端歩),  Forking king and Rook =(王手飛車 or oute-bisya)  Sorry, for the last two years, I recognized I am not consistent in the way I explain the word)

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