Learn Short Tsume Problems!

I was watching other people’s play on playOK.  Both are R1500 level players and they were playing very good end games .  Then the game finally came to where the white guy tipped the scale and it was about to end. The white player was winning.  Note that both of players were on byoyomi.

Then I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The white player run out of the 30 seconds byoyomi and the Black won.

If you still dont see the situation, see the tsume program below.   This is three move checkmate. R1500 level player should see this in less than 20 seconds.

The first move of G*8b does not work. the King will escape to 9c.  One of the basic rule of tsume is to block the King’s escape route.  Therefore..

G*9c – Nx9c – G*8b.    This is a simple three move checkmate.

Maybe the white’s  computer have simply frozen.  But if he really did not see this simple three move tsume, then his further practice on tsume problems will probably increaese his win rate a lot.

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