39? 4649? What are they?

In recent weeks, we have seen a surge of new Shogi players in PlayOK.  As it turned out, Yahoo.co.jp has ceased its service of Shogi game site.  So there are many Japanese players now playing at PlayOK.  That is a good thing.  However, I have seen some of those players uses the abbrebiation such as "39" and "4649"  I am sure that non-japanese speakers can not understand.  So here, I am going to decypher those two numbers for you.

39 is a short for ‘Thank you’.  You see, 3 is pronounced as "Sun" and 9 is pronounced as "kyuu"   Since Japanese do not have ‘th’ sound in their language, ‘Thank you’ is open pronounced as "sunk-yuu"

4649 is a short for "yoroshiku"  This word has many meaning but in this case, it simply means "nice to meet you" or "treat me good"
So some people start his game with "4649" and end with "39"

Oh, by the way, some Japanese players were also asking what "gg" means.
Start your chat and you will learn other cultures, indeed.

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