Getting Shobiboard in the States

I was at Chicago last week and had visited Mitsuwa market.  If you google the store name, you will find this is a franchise of Japanese Supermarket throughout the United States. (They used to be called as Yaohan-USA.)  Inside  Mitsuwa complex, there is a Japanese book store called Sanseido.  When I was browsing for Shogi books (they had a handful of shogi books) I noticed they also sells sets of Shogi pieces and Shogi board.  The Shogi set they sell is nothing fancy, but perfect for everyday casual playing.  These are very typical set that you find in Japanese household.  Set of pieces were $25 and the board was selling for $20. So if you live near one of those Mitsuwa market, (Cost Mesa CA., Edgewater, NJ.,San Diego, CA.,Arlington Hts., IL. or  Torrance,CA)  It maybe worthwhile to pay a visit to the store and look for Shogi pieces.

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