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What?  what is going on? OK, let me explain.  I have been using a service called microsoft office live web service.  When this service started, the starter package was free.  So I was able to quickly set up this site and start posting shogi information.   There has been always a limitation to this site. For instance, I could not install active components such as flash or Java applet.  I curcumbented this by embedding a page from my provider ( provited web site, which was also free but had no scripting capability.   So for about two years ago, I signed up for yet another site with all bells and whistle, and was experimenting with a cms called modx and slowly converting all pages to modx pages.

Now it turns out, MS office live have decided to stop supporting free service.  So I figure this is the time I say goodbye to Microsoft and start a new site.  New site is called (no hyphen between shogi and shack)  I am still debating if I should keep domain.  If I do, then it will be pointing to the   After April 2012, any bookmark you created inside will not work anymore. please update your booksmarks. officially goes  live with this post.

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