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Shogi maze puzzles added

Its been a long time since I started to receive weekly email newsletters  from the site owner of   This site was established for more than 10 years ago, and is run by a person who also runs real dojo or Shogi Salon in Saitama prefecture, Japan.   (when I first started this site, I thought about naming the site as shogi-village  but that sounded like a copy cat of shogitown)  This guy is really good at tsume shogi problems.  I have several link to his tsume problems in my site.

Anyway, in the latest newsletter, the site owner Isoda-san has talked about a puzzle that he came up with after reading an article from January 2013 issue of Shogiworld magazine.    I have not read the article but sounds like there was a proposal to create new games/puzzles using Shogi pieces and board to promote Shogi in general to the rest of human population.

I looked at his idea and decided to share this with English speaking world.  Please see here.  Let me know what you think.  You still need to know each Shogi piece’s movement patterns, but I think that is a point of coming up with this sort of puzzles.

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