Computers and Internet

7th year update

It has been 7 year since my last post.  My work life was getting crazy and I really did not have time to study Shogi for the longest time.  Now because of the COVID situation, I have some extra time but no money :).  So I try to tweak the site UI and the first thing I have done was to delete my master CSS and its backup file by accident!   Rather than reconstruct the same old look,  I chose to go with responsive web site, so it should play nice with smart phones etc.,   Since the site was originally designed in mid 2000, there is still a lot of adjustments needed but functionally, the site should work, if a little inconsistent.   Other thing I had to do is to eliminate  most of the Flash based resources and move to JS based kifu board.   This is amazing shift in web technology considering  10 years ago, 90 percent of internet sites were using Flash.   Now, browser wont load it by default and no sane site uses the technology. Time has changed.

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