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Qinoa Syougi link added

One of the link that was popular at the time was Ham Shogi where you could play shogi game with computer. No pressure, use as much time you want to make your moves and so on, and it was very friendly to novice shogi player. However, this application was based on Adobe flash player and the browser support for this technology is quickly disappearing. As a matter of fact, browsers will not support it at all after the end of this year. Therefore, even though the game is still available through the digital archive site here and I have updated my link to it, It will be a moot point in few month.

So I was searching for a program with similar functionality and I think I found a better one at The site has a nominal amount of English so you could probably select “game menu” and then click any of the “play” link to start playing game with the computer with various strength and play characters. The author of the site has already given me a permission to create a intro page detailing the site navigation so stay tuned for the navigation help page to appear on this site soon.

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