Incremental improvement

When I started this site in 2008, I used “Kifu for flash” by Kakinoki software to display shogi board and piece moves. When flash player medium started to lose its popularity due to security concern, I wrote a JavaScript alternative and start removing flash player contents. by end of 2020, flash player was no more as Adobe, the maker of flash banned it.

In the meantime, JavaScript saw several revisions along with CSS styling language. In the original JavaScript implementation, I used Jquery calls to make programming easy for me.

However, nowadays Jquery is sort of outmoded since modern JavaScript does a lot of things natively. Furthermore, modern browsers all supports CSS attributes such as transition:rotate, which makes JavaScript coding less complicated.

So I rewrote the code in modern TypeScript. It does not use Jquery. TypeScript is transpiled into JavaScript. I wrote it last year and shelved it until I had a enough time to be able to verify it. I was toying with it for last few days and I think I can start using it. I will start migration process gradually and you will start seeing a slightly new look on board representation in many of the pages.

One of the request I had received was a lack of ‘save’ button. the new board comes with small southeast down arrow with angled corner on top-right corner when data it is reading is from actual play record. Click on it will download a file in KIF format.

Another symbol with up and down arrow on top left corner will flip the board.


2 responses to “Incremental improvement”

  1. shogi player

    Glad to see you’re keeping the site alive and updating the kifu application! It was a shame to see all this great information with the non-functional embedded board before. I hope you continue to update it … I’ve recommended your site to a number of new players.

  2. Thanks for your support!

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