New Section added

Just added a new section “Suji and Tesuji” to the site. When I think about improving one’s Shogi play, There are three pillars that makes up one’s skill.

  1. Learn some Joseki (定跡 or Openings)
  2. Become good at TsumeShogi (詰将棋 or checkmate problems).
  3. Become knowledgeable of Tesuji (手筋 or tactics)

Item #1 and #2 has been always a part of this site. for #3, we had Pawn Samplers where we looked at various Pawn Tesujis but there are more pieces in Shogi.

So after 12 years, I decided to add some more material in this area. Currently it is just a few samples of these technique. Please check out this section and let me know what you think. My intention is to grow this section to cover Tesuji’s of various pieces.


One response to “New Section added”

  1. fsfiii

    Great stuff, thank you!

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