Free tesuji book from mainichi navigation

There are two tesuji books that I wish we had English translated version available. They are called らくらく次の一手 1 and 2, published by Japan Shogi federation. The title roughly translates to “easy next move.” These books targeted beginner players and taught you basic Tesujis in forms of quiz that asks you for a next move. When I added Tesuji section on my site, one reader alerted me that there is a free tesuji book available in Mainichi Navigation publishing site and he provided me with a link. I was surprised to find out that this book was a compilation of aforementioned two books. (Mainichi Navigation or MyNavi is probably the largest publisher of Shogi related books)

This is Japanese book but unlike books about opening, it is easy to understand if you learned Japanese Kifu notation. There are two problems on first page and second page shows answers to both problems. The book has total of 432 such problems.

What puzzles me is that when you look up this book in, it’s sales price is listed as $20 paper and $8 Kindle, so what gives?

Therefore, I am not sure if this is free for good. You can find a link in Discord Shogi harbor’s Shogi resources.


2 responses to “Free tesuji book from mainichi navigation”

  1. fsfiii

    Is there a way to download this so I can read it outside the browser? Thanks!

    1. This is online book. Dont think you can download it

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